Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day Before my 5th Cocktail

It's the day before my 5th cocktail session .... amazing how almost-normal-I-feel.  Trying to stay positive that the side effects will be minimal this time around.  Just in case, gonna go to the super store tonight and do some shopping and then go to a yummy restaurant.  When sis took me to the mall Sunday, I didn't last too long walking.  So this time, hoping for a scooter.  My right ankle is swollen again too and my back is on fire.  Doc said chemo drugs go to "your weak spots", but I'm thinking I need it checked at some point.

Me & Teri
Teri is arriving tonight to be with me for chemo day.  This is her 2nd time and she wants another chance to hang out.  It's hard to believe .... I ONLY HAVE 2 MORE LEFT!


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