Sunday, June 17, 2012


The word "ignite" has been mentioned 3 separate times today. 

Once, when my husband was speaking of a church he went to last week that ignited the passion he once had .... the excitement of worship that drew him out of the wall of shyness.  That is saying a lot.

Once again when I got a text from my daughter who is developing a concept for her community and thought of "Ignite the Flame. Follow the passion that burns inside of you...."

The 3rd time was when she called me from her drive to Colorado Springs to tell me she just entered a wall of smoke.  We are hearing about all the wildfires out west and now a new one about 1/2 hour from her home and about 1/2 hour from Colorado Springs.  For this, we pray for all those who may loose their homes, schools and more as the flames draw near.  We pray for those who are fighting the fires and putting their lives in danger.  We pray for God's creatures and His beauty that are in peril.

I don't know the answers as to "why".  All I know is that we can pray and ask for God's protection.  This country needs it so very much.


ignite [ɪgˈnaɪt]
1. to catch fire or set fire to; burn or cause to burn
2. (Chemistry) (tr) Chem to heat strongly
3. (tr) to stimulate or provoke the case has ignited a nationwide debate
[from Latin ignīre to set alight, from ignis fire]

It is amazing how this word can have different meanings.  Right? It just dependents on your circumstances. 

Take this crazy canzer thingy

After you get over the shock of hearing that word, you then have to deal with it.  After you begin the process of learning about it, going through treatments, all kinds of things begin to happen.

Everyone has a different experience, so I am only speaking for myself.

I began looking at my priorities, my bucket list, myself.  Then I began the awareness, roused, stimulated, awake ~~~ ignited.  I didn't want to just walk through life.  I want to DO something that matters! And then,

A deep calm

So very peaceful

Such grace

No fear

Complete joy



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