Friday, June 1, 2012

Radiation Begins

Today, I went in again for the final adjustments with the mesh that was moulded last week. They also wanted to take films. 

This time, only 3 men
(and a woman came in to replace 2 of them)

I'm a pioneer woman! Not like this awesome Pioneer Woman .... no, just the first patient at Akron General to lay "prone" instead of on my back.  That's pretty exciting, right?  I googled this a bit and read (parts) of Journal of Clinical Oncology, which talks about the "prone position to spare the heart & lung".
My forehead and chin rest on the grey

My "generous" breast is getting blasted from the back to the front. 


So, after pulling and tugging my legs and torso to line my body up to the measurements taken the first time, they left the room to take the film.  After hearing a few hums from the machine,  the power went out EVERYWHERE.  I laid there for a bit with them asking if I was alright and that if it didn't come back on soon, they would let me up and out of the position.  One thing you should know, since the right side of my upper torso is suspended in air (no board underneath that area), my right arm soon became numb.  

Like doing one arm push ups

I was praying for the tingling sensation to go away .... then Kevin said that he was concerned about the two children in the other radiation rooms because they were under anesthesia for their treatment.  It's hard to keep children still during something like this.  Children.  My mind immediately went to them, off of me.

And I began to pray for them instead

~ Canzer is not fair ~

What seemed like eternity, they released me.  Still no power.

As I was being lead back to the dressing room, the power came back on.  Kevin said that I can either come back Monday to finish the simulation & treatment planning or give it a try again.  I decided to stay and wait the 15 minutes for the machine to power up.
Back up on the table (they were impressed by my agility), lining up again became quicker.  They left the room and finally got all the shots they needed.

Right before I was going to loose all strength, we were done.

6-1/2 weeks = 33 days, Monday - Friday @ 4:00pm

June 4 - July 18

I will miss 1-1/2 hours of work each day (plus time every 3 weeks for chemo).  My boss is allowing me to change my work schedule to include Saturday.  I should be able to put in 40 hours.

I'm tired now .... just wait for totally fatigued!!

A friend told me that I "kicked chemo's butt and I will kick radiation's butt too".  So, that's the plan

grit & determination

Thinking of you Marily ~ rest now and I will see you soon.


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