Saturday, January 21, 2012

Be an Active Participant

I've been reading the Breast Cancer: 50 Essential Things You Can Do book that my sister bought me.  I think it is even a book for people without cancer as it is geared towards "us" being an active participant in our own healing and wellness.  That is something we can all do everyday in all areas of body, mind and spirit.  "The most important person on your health and healing team is you! You are the one who is ill. It is you who must work to get well again. You are the character of central importance. You are in charge."

Sometimes I wonder if treatment started too fast.  I've read that 2nd opinions are strongly recommended....I didn't get one.  I trusted in the fact that my medical oncologist is the head of the department.  I see her Monday to follow-up since my first treatment.  I plan to have a list of questions and concerns for her.  The answers or responses I get will tell me if I'm making right decisions for myself.

Yesterday (Friday), I went to work and wore one of my new hats.  Just wanted to try it out to see how it would feel wearing it all day.  Not too bad.  I felt stronger today, although concentration is still a struggle.  Got my "medicine" of hugs, which is always appreciated.  I'm a hugger. 

My concern is the port.  It is still very, very sore, especially in my arm pit. Deep blue veins are showing from the port across my chest to my breast.  I don't have these veins showing anywhere else on my body like that.  Very strange ... it makes me wonder if something is blocked or wrong.  That will be concern/question on the top of the list when I see her.  If I had a fever or any other sign, trust me, I would go to the ER. 

The neuropathy has been aggrevating. The numb tingling sensation in my hands and feet is worse than hitting your crazy bone on your elbow.  I pray this abates .... today is Day 9 post treatment.

So, over the weekend, I hope to get my notes pulled together to provide Doc Esther with my pain levels, medications taken and any other information since treatment. One thing I can say is that the nausea medicine worked.  I felt queasy at times, but never got "sick".  That's a good thing!  The metallic taste in my mouth and the neuropathy is probably the biggest problem (so far).

I hope you have a wonderful, happy weekend.  We got blasted overnight with a snow storm. The landscape is beautifully white.  May this day be filled with peace ~


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