Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Special Family Moments

Today, we (hubby & the kids) drove to southern Ohio to visit extended family.  Cousins from Monroeville, Texas, Kansas and down near the Kentucky/Ohio bridge.  We had a wonderful time sharing news and eating TONS of food.  Aunt Becky out did herself yet again!

As I sat there listening to the young adults (my cousins' children) share their lives with us, it just gave me that warm and fuzzy kinda feeling all over.  It was the feeling of connection .... of roots.  I've been having this feeling a lot lately because all year I've been feeling, well, disconnected.  Jasmine left home in January and Casey left home in June.  A huge part of my life was gone....of me.  I guess that's what they call "empty nest syndrome". 

Well, I know they are still a part of my life, but in a different way.  I remember listening to a program recently about how to relate to your adult child.  Would you tell your friend "hey, put a sweater on, it's cold outside".  No. (and if you do, you shouldn't, lol).  So, don't tell your adult child that either.  This has been a year of learning this kinda stuff.

What I also realized tonight is that I have my own adult cousins, along with my sibs, that are there to lend a helping hand or give me advice.  They are there to pray with me too.  My "team" is building larger.

Gonna load up my shutterfly site of photos from today :)

Get CONNECTED.... it has a lot of power to it!


  1. i found the to put the adult children conversing into practice with my 19 year old!!!!


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