Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Chance to Refocus

Blue Ridge Parkway
Thank God for New Days ~

Your prayers for me are always appreciated.  A friend of mine called me tonight and as usual, prays with me before hanging up.  It brings a new meaning to "I'll say a prayer for you".  To hear the words straight to God and to feel warmth inside my soul brings peace.  The timing was perfect. It was also a chance to pray for her, especially for her upcoming missions trip to Haiti.  A chance to "refocus". 

Matt drove me to work this morning. I had a mini meltdown before pulling out of the drive, but I was determined to get my routine going again and to focus on others again.  First call that came in was from an employee whose family member committed suicide.  Refocus.  It's not just about me.

The first person I saw did a double-take with my new hair-do.  She is going on this journey as well and has been a great encourager.  It was surprising how many people didn't recognize me at first.  I've never had my hair this short before.  And I was surprised by new dangly earrings from Miss Debbie :)

By mid-morning, I knew that I wasn't going to last a full shift.  Christie was able to pick me up by 3:00 to take me home.  6 hours of work! Progress!  Sure did move slow, though...hands still hurt, gut hurts, fatigue, but today I know that tomorrow will be better.  Because each day does.


  1. One day at a time momma! Remember God took 6 days to create everything and then took a day of rest. Rest is just as important as your work, though I know they appreciate you at work. Keep going one foot at a time and refocus constantly to the One. He will be your constant guide.


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