Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This morning, I left work to go get the echo ultrasound.  It was strange watching my heart beat on the monitor .... similar to watching a baby in the womb.  The valve looked like a tiny hammer keeping  rhythm to my breathing.  The lady tech said she needed 80 slices (photos) and as I watched the screen I let my mind wonder. 

This test will determine if my heart can withstand my cocktail.  She said that the doc will get the results in a few days .... well, in a few days I will be having my first chemo treatment.  They better have it in time *geeze*

The most asked question I get from women is "did you feel anything? a lump?". The tech asked me this one. I said "nope, just my annual mammogram".  She mentioned that it had been a couple years and she promised me that she would make an appointment.  I feel like a walking testimony.

When the test was done, I ran into the nurse from radiology who held my hand during the port insertion.  I asked her if I could get the stitches out now, but she said 7 days (only been 5).  So, I'm going to try on chemo day.  The stitches get caught on my clothes, ouch.  The bruise is now yellow and healing.

I picked up the 2 photos of "my bruise" that I'm giving to Doc Esther so she can see for herself that I bruise easy.  I feel the need to "prove" that I'm not a big wimp. 

Tired. Worked some overtime past 2 days to make up hours for the echo. 

More tomorrow ~


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