Sunday, January 29, 2012

Expressing Myself

This weekend went REALLY fast! Today, Christie, mom & I went to lunch, movie and shopping.  We laughed at "One for the Money" and bought more hats and scarfs.  I hated trying them on, as I was afraid of leaving bits of my hair in them (sorry folks). 

Christie brought over a razor for me...just not sure when I will be doing it, but know that it will be in the next few days.  My head feels weird.  It's like I hit the the back of my head on pavement. Or like I've been wearing a helmet all day and just took it off...that heavy feeling and my hair isn't connected to my scalp.

Matt's getting freaked out every time I show him a fist full of hair.  I think its kinda funny (not ha-ha funny, but strange funny).  When I wash my face tonight, I wonder if I'm going to wash my eyebrows off.  Now, that is what is STRANGE.  How are you going to know my expression? At least with a hat or wig, I look half way normal .... but, no eyebrows?  Oh, draw them on?  I'm the person who would touch my face and have it smeared all up on my forehead. 

My kids already make fun of my "windshield wiper" eyebrows.  Casey has a nice arch, Jasmine is working on hers too. 

Anyway, just wanted to vent a little on that topic.  Some day, this will all end and my hair will grow again.  Those who love me will still love me.

And the perk? I don't have razor stubble on my legs.  Smooooooth.....


  1. Oh I wanted to see that movie! Remember I said no red pencils lol


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