Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Day Back To Work

I think a person who is pushing the envelope to get back to "normalcy" should go back to work on a Friday....highly recommended.  I managed to put in 5 hours, but the achiness of my arm and not sleeping well did me in.  As you can see from the bruise, it feels like someone gave me a knuckle sandwich a hundred fold.

It was my first time driving since Dec 20.  I'm so glad the sun was out and no ice/snow to contend with.  I'm cut on the right side and cut on the left.  I need to find some humor in this...somehow.

I called nurse Rose to find out if there were signs I should be looking for regarding the port....I wonder how much they believe I am bruised.  Anyway, she said I should be elevating and icing it.  Another reason to be home.

Matt took Casey to the Amtrak station after midnight on Thursday.  Her train was delayed until 5am Friday morning.  I just heard from her and she is in Denver waiting for the bus to come.  She should be at her home by 7pm our time.  Miss her already.

Anyway, another reason why I'm so dang tired.  When they left, I woke up. When Matt came back home (3:45am), I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep.  Got out of bed by 6am to get ready for work.

I'm rambling.  All in all, glad it is the weekend to finish healing from the port.  I can remove the bandage after 48 hours (this afternoon).

Trying to wrap my brain around this coming Thursday. 


  1. praying for quick healing for that bruise & peace as Thursday approaches


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