Thursday, January 5, 2012

Orientation Day

Today, we got a tour of the treatment spaces (not rooms, no privacy here). Recliner chairs sectioned off by waist high walls.  Nurse Julie gave the power point presentation and went through the basics of chemotherapy.  And then she discussed the dreaded side effects. 

There were 2 other patients present with family.  Matt & Christie were by my side J

Nurse Julie gave me write ups on 2 drugs that where in my cocktail.  She informed me that I “may” need a $16,000 shot the day after chemo if my blood count was low.  I kept looking at the hand-out that she provided because it didn’t match what Doc Esther had given me the day before.  Glad I spoke up …. It was the other patient’s hand-out.  Now I didn’t have to worry about the $16,000 shot. Instead, I get to worry about the peripheral neuropathy (numbness in fingers and toes).  I already have Raynaud’s and truly didn’t want to have more sensations in my extremities. *sigh*

One of the biggest concerns will be infection.  My body won’t be able to fight it.  No cuts, no germs, etc.  I am to take my temperature DAILY and if it is ever 100.5, this would be considered an emergency and to call the oncologist.  Sometimes you can bypass the ER (germs) and go straight to the oncologist floor at the hospital.  Certainly hope none of this happens.  So, for those folks who want to visit, please be healthy when you do! Purell! Wash your hands! I know I will.

And, for the biggest news, my treatment duration will be 8 hours.  *sigh*

Going to find a laptop to pass the time.
See how friendly my chemo neighbors are, strike up a conversation.

I will attach my medicine information as soon as I can scan and upload.

Then, we headed for the port …. All aboard! *I want off*


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