Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Somebody Just Shoot Me ~ Would ya?

My hospital room was a private room and I was certainly grateful for that.  It's been awhile since I've been overnight in the hospital.  All the nurses were great, no problem there.  I tried to fall asleep by 11:00, but as tired as I was, struggled.  My arm was pounding and it was difficult getting comfortable. About 2:30, I asked Nurse Ashley for the sleeping pill she had on order.  I think it worked by 4:00.  I got up between 6-7am (I think) and got myself ready to go home.

Matt arrived about 8:30am to learn how to give me a shot.  He has experience with a diabetic, so it set my mind at ease.  We had to first wait for Doc Esther to do her rounds and to provide the prescriptions.  When I saw her, she said that I would need to take blood thinners for at least 3 months if not for the whole duration of chemotherapy :( 

I asked her how many blood clots and she said "multiple". My arm experienced trauma from the port. (anybody see pictures of that?!)  Okay, so the port was put in Jan 4. My first chemo was Jan 12. And now my follow up was Jan 23.  Besides calling the doc's office last week, there were a few times that she did see my arm AND I did give her photos when I saw her Jan 12.  (the ones you see in my earlier post).  I told her that I was glad she listened to me and that she ordered the ultrasound.  I hope I was letting her know that "hey, I know my body and it was telling me it was off.  Next time, listen to me clearer".  How about this....next time I speak LOUDER.  In her own words, she told me to get bitchier. For those who know me, not quite my style....but this is one thing that you don't have to tell me twice.

After she left, we had to wait for the pharmacy to bring the kit and show us how to use it.  We waited and waited.  Then, we were given the script to pick it up at CVS.  The pharmacist called it in for price and the Lovenox was $1,000.  No can do.  Give me something else or forget it.  So then we waited more hours as they determined that Fragmin could be an alternative.  But, guess what, still expensive. So, the social worker came in next to see if we qualify for financial aid.  But do you know how long that takes?  I'll need my next shot at 9pm.   Feel like I'm behind the eight ball.

She came back in with the offer that they may have some "in reserve".  If so, we could make arrangements to pick it up.  By 12:30, we were heading back to the McDowell center to pick up the needed syringes and God has blessed us .... free!  PLUS instead of twice a day, I only need 1 shot per day. I like that!

I would say "somebody just shoot me!"  And it looks like it will be possible.

Home by 1pm, lunch in my belly.  A quick note to catch everyone up. And a thank you to all those that cared for me Ashley, Gea, the social workers.

As I was at the discharge desk, I met a beautiful woman who had just lost her mom 5 months ago to breast cancer.  I understand her sadness.  Her mom was her best friend.  I'm glad that my heart and mind was open to receive her (and not still inside my own drama).  I plan to visit her from time to time just to say hi and to keep her in my daily prayers.

Now for some rest ~


  1. Love the title of this post! lol. Keep your sense of humor. You are your best advocate so keep making noise.


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