Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Threshold of a New Year

I haven't really made a new year's resolution in a long time.  Unless I really know I'm going to meet the goal or task in hand, why speak the words?  Now I know that a healthy lifestyle change will be in order .... eating healthier and exercising more.  I quite smoking 9 years ago cold turkey.  I was determined and my kids were my motivators.  Since the lifestyle change is a must and I know I will meet the goal, you would think that this could easily be my new year's resolution.  But, I think I will challenge myself even more ....

I admit it.

I'm a pack rat of the worse kind.  Not quite the hoarder type yet, but I do need to get a handle on things before it is too late.  A friend of mine talked about how they don't have visitors much because she too has let things pile up.  For one, I'm glad I'm not alone.  Also, with this canser-thingy remember make it mad I have had company and I hope to have more! Which just means that I really need to get organized, pitch, give away.  AND the best part, PAINT!

Prepping with painter's tape
Casey is taking on the kitchen before she leaves back to Colorado.  With fresh new walls and some new wall deco, I just know that my spirits will lift. We haven't done much to the inside of the house in a very long time.  The gray, cloudy winter days have over-shadowed life TOO much!

My New Year's Resolution ~ divide and conquer this mess! eliminate the clutter! organize the office! Breathe freshness into our home!   For you, this may seem easy, but trust me ~ this is definitely a goal that will be a challenge, which makes it just that much sweeter :)


  1. They say that messiness is a sign of genius. Don't think you're at the MENSA level yet but it's always good to clean up an old pile of clutter into a new pile of clutter.

    Keep pissing off that canser!!

  2. I'm with ya, Carol. We have so much clutter to get rid of. 5 years in this house and I cant believe how much we've accumulated. That's on top of the things we've moved from our other home(s) before we got married! UGH! My goal for 2013 is to get organized.


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