Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's A Good Day

Teri reading her book

Teri & I arrived on time for the THIRD round of cocktails.  I was hoping for the corner suite like last time .... guess what! I actually have my own room this time! With a door, a sink, and a TV.  How awesome is that, lol ~

Last week during my follow up, my numbers were really low.  Nurse Bev explained that treatment could be delayed if my numbers didn't come up.  So, we had our fingers crossed, said a little prayer and waited.  John, intern from Malone, is on site learning today.  Of course I had to mention my daughter who is graduating from Malone with a masters, where she is and what she is doing, ya-da-ya-da-ya-da. 

Any way, I got all prepped with the IV in the port.

Christina (pharmacist) came in to discuss my pain levels and side effects since the last treatment.  She also explained more about the Neulasta and gave me Clairiton to help with the side effects from it.  More bone pain .... just great :(  My shot is 4:00 Friday and then every time after chemo to boost my white blood cells.

Nurse Bev and John came in doing the happy dance with jazz hands! My levels are good! My liver and kidneys are up for it as well.  Everything is a go!

Signing off for now to get ready for my cocktails ~

It's almost 7pm now and I thought I would write a quick update and then hit the hay for work tomorrow.

My counts did come back at good enough levels to go ahead with chemo today.  But, I really messed up on the coumadin.  The 1-1/2 pill was every other day ... I was taking it every day.  The INR test came back 4.75 - CRITICAL PANIC HIGH.  Normal level is between 2.0-3.0.  oops.  Doc Esther explained again how to take it and I was confused.  Even the nurse was somewhat confused.  But we got it.  Don't take it until Saturday.  Got it.  Then on Saturday take 1 pill. On Sunday, 1-1/2 Pill and then alternate.  I really thought she said 1-1/2 pill every it wasn't written down at her office. 

I fell asleep right away again from the meds.  Everything went pretty smooth.  I took my dance partner (IV stand) and gave out Purell to my neighbors.  That is always fun to do.

We got done at 3:30 today and made our way to Subway. And, I got spinach on my sub to help lower my coumadin numbers.

Well, my brain isn't working very well so I'll sign off for now.  Good night :)


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