Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Be Gentle to Yourself, Mind and Body

A friend of mine wrote: Be gentle to yourself, mind and body.  Don’t allow the darkness to come.  Like Paul & Silas did, they started to sing praises to the Lord, when they were bound by chains, after being severely beat up and standing in sewage for days on end.  Sing to the Lord in your mind and out loud as much as possible.  Put your music on and sing with it!   It will lift your spirit, and help your body.

So, as I write this, I hooked into my favorite radio station and it does lift my spirit, body and soul.

With the help of my cane, I'm getting from room to room. Spent a lot of time on the front porch watching the birds come to life in the early spring.  My lilac bush started to sprout its green leaves and we are awaiting the sweet smell the breeze carries to us.  It is great coverage from the street as well ... like our own club house. 
Last year's bloom

The pain is easing from my bones and joints.  I still wonder why it is hitting me so hard. Doc said that chemo attacks weak places and I have a few of those.  Before B.C., I was going to have surgery on my feet for bunions.  That is now on hold.  I also have Raynaud's, which I wonder if the chemo side effects are compounded.  Well, regardless, I only have 2 more sessions .... just 2 more.  For these next 2, April 5 & April 26, please pray specifically that I can mentally and physically get through the "bad" days. 

I'm taking one more day off work, mainly because I know I can't drive.  Matt goes to school on Tuesdays & Thursdays, so I'm holding out for him to take me Friday.  At least for a few hours.  I'm eating away my FMLA and I'm not sure what the rest of the year has in store for me.

Matt has been a real trooper through this.  He is going through the grieving process of loosing his dad and taking care of me.  I wish he had someone come along side him and hold him up.  We usually do that for each other and unfortunately, it has been a little one-sided.  I'm reflecting on my earlier post. He has taken care of me in ways that most people could not.  Private and humbling.  I'm grateful for him.

I'm grateful for my sister & her husband for taking the duty of making sure I'm eating.  When this is all over, I want a BBQ with mom's potato salad!!

Can you tell the fog is lifting? 
Do you know how much you help me?


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