Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chemo Session #4

Four down - two to go!

Matt is on spring break this week and was able to take me to my chemo session.

I was happy to be able to get the corner suite again! Nice and roomy.

Once we got settled in, I realized that I forgot the numbing cream! I will never do that again! My nurse, Chris, handled it like a pro and helped me through the initial injection. *shew* Nurse Chris is compassionate as well and I am a lucky girl :) Oh! guess what! Nurse Dawn is my sister's neighbor and our kids went to school together....small world ~

I completed my evaluation sheet (gauging pain levels, nausea, fatigue, etc). I felt like a wimp giving most of them a 9.  Matt reminded me of all the times I was crying during the past two weeks .... and not just because of Rickie.  So, 9 it stays.  Nicole (pharmacist) discusses the evaluation sheet and reviews the medications with us.  Since I will have my shot tomorrow, I need to start the claritin again.  Need to work on cleaning my bowels through fluid, fiber and prescription meds.  Not only does it help the digestive system, it helps clear out the chemo drugs.  Ok, I'll do better in that area. Also, since I can't take my pain meds during work, I can take extra strength Tylenol.  It gets difficult with the different meds I am on, especially Coumadin.

I showed my big toe off to everyone ... side effect or something else?  Doc determined that it was something else.  It had "trauma" and I just don't remember how.  Instructions ... keep it clean and wait for it to heal.  It may or may not fall off.  We shall see.

My numbers came back low, but good enough to proceed with the treatment.  Since the neuropathy and pain is hitting me hard, she is "taking 25% off the Taxotere".  Great! I do hope it helps. This one is a 3 hour drip with the ice on my hands and feet.

Doc had a high school student shadow her for the day.  That is very impressive to have one so young interested in doing this. 

As they prepared for my cocktails, the fabulous benedryl was injected and out I went.  I can never keep my eyes open! I only brought one thing to do (read) and never got to it.

By noonish, Christie arrived and the changing of the guards occurred.  She brought me some lunch and I am very thankful for the "extra" duty in getting it (silly girl).  I stayed awake the best I could so we could chat about all the things going on in life. 

Life does go on.
And the world keeps turning.

Then, one more announcement ... I was going to get my first blood transfusion after the cocktails were done.  This should help my energy level and feel like a new woman. (Adam is electing Wonder Woman complete with tights and a lasso) *geeze* ;-) 

My own blood was tested and determined to be A positive.  The unit I received was O positive.  I thank the person who gave their life source to me.

The clear tubes running from the bag into my arm looked like liquorice. Seriously.  The color was very rich and that's what it reminded me of.

I was the last patient to leave.  Everyone was very kind and thorough.  The last thing I want is to be a big wimp about this.  Indicating a 9 made me second guess myself.  But, I felt true to that number.

There is a basket of donated hats and I picked this one.  People are so nice :)

Ended the evening with nephew, Shane, visiting.  Wonderful!

Well, I better get some shut eye for work tomorrow.  May you have a safe St Patty's day out there.  Take care ~


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