Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Creative Juices

This is a "feel good" week finally!

I feel I have the energy to get some things done and I'm leaning towards the area of creativity.  For one, I want to revamp my blog, play with different templates and clean it up.  My sister is coming over this weekend to bounce ideas.

I am just itching to get out there with my camera.  Just trying to think of a place where I can find interesting colors ... interesting subject matter.

Flowers at Springfield Lake

I think it would be neat to find a way to display the beautiful encouragement cards I have received over the past several months.  I found some great ideas for bulletin boards here.

My side effects have eased up considerably and the fogginess in my head as well. 

PS. still got to write many thank you notes, which I plan to do before the weekend is over. 


  1. pictures at the roller rink? its so loud there that i always get a headache. the park is always a good place to start! glad ur feeling better momma :)

  2. Carol ~ Not sure how far away this would be for you, but one of the places I like to go to practice my walking is the Seiberling Nature Realm (located 1828 Smith Rd.) It’s an arboretum with trees, flowers, ponds, song birds and a top rate visitor’s center. Trails are short and easy; some paved, some not. It’s a little early for full Spring blossoms but I’m sure you could find some interesting photo ops for your itchy trigger finger and camera. ~ JM

    1. Joe ~ The website looks beautiful!

      It's not too far away either! Thanks for the tip ~


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