Monday, March 12, 2012

Man Cave? Woman Cave? Bat Cave?

Today was my first day back to work since my last chemo Feb 23.  Matt drove since we weren't sure how tired I would be after my shift. I'm so glad, 'cause I was tired.  I can't believe my next session is already this Thursday.  I plan to shove the negative vibes off and go in there and fight like a girl. I'm even gonna try not to miss any work post chemo .... grandiose thoughts ...

Got lots of hugs today welcoming me back and for the loss of Rickie.  He made some friends while he was there.  I'm so behind on thank you cards....hoping people are patient and forgiving. 

My brother-in-law moved out of our spare room this weekend.  We decided to rearrange stuff and now we have our "his" and "her's" cave.  Instead of a "man cave", I'm trying to think of a good name for my room. 

Any ideas?

So far: Fem Den, my Rad Pad .... since my brain isn't as witty as it use to be, I'm looking for that special name.

By the way, got a new side effect that looks like it could be from Taxotere. My big toe nail is black & blue and looks like the nail could fall off (see page 2). I don't remember bumping or smashing it.  So, I'll be showing Doc when I see her Thursday.  Actually, I have various bruises all over.  Probably thanks to the coumadin.

I finally picked up the book borrowed from Barb and began reading it.  At times, I felt so overwhelmed with information that I just began making piles.  Now, I feel I want to be empowered and thought reading this book might just help.  I've already experienced some of the items she has mentioned.

  • You will look at life in a whole new way, as something you are lucky to be experiencing.
  • You will appreciate every day, just because it is there and has been given to you to enjoy.
  • You won't take your health for granted, and will take better care of your mind and your body, making yourself a priority (rather than your family, friends, job, or other distractions).
  • You will be calmer ... the little things won't seem to bother you as much.
  • You won't worry about tomorrow as much, but live for today.
  • You will draw nearer to the people who bring meaning and fulfillment to your life, and get rid of those who don't (crises have an amazing way of revealing someone's true character).
  • You will gain extreme clarity ... about exactly who you are and what you want from your life.
from the "Introduction" section


  1. So here are a few more suggestions:

    "Hub-Bub" (It's the name of an art gallery here, but stands for a place to hang out.)

    "Carol's Lair"

    "Ditto's Den"

    "Ditto's Dive"

    "Ditto's Dungeon"

  2. Thanks for the ideas! I got another one from 2 different people "Ladies Lounge". I'll let you know what I finally cme up with. :)

  3. How ‘bout the “Incredibly Strong and Courageous Woman BEATING Canser Place of Solace and Refuge” cave?


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