Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chemo Session #5

It was a very close call that this cocktail hour(s) was to be cancelled for another time.  My counts were low, so Nurse Tracie wanted to wait until Doc came by to review the blood results and make a determination.  The most worrisome ~  the Hgb was 9.6 and the range is 11.7-14.7. (check on the link for more information)

I began to weigh the pros and cons about cancellation:

  • Herceptin would still be given and it doesn't have intense side effects.  SO, that would mean that I wouldn't be feeling  bad on my birthday this coming Tuesday.  That is a plus!
  • However, postponing treatment would push my dates further and, quite frankly, I want to GET THIS DONE!
Doc Esther arrived and asked about the neuropathy in my hands and feet.  Hands are not as bad as my feet.  She suggested wearing thicker socks and thicker soles in my shoes.

Then she gave the go ahead .... and included a blood transfusion.  Now, you already know how I feel about that!  But I didn't whine .... I said LET'S DO IT!

And, a whirlwind of activity began.  Nurse Tracie was another great nurse to care for me today.  She had a college student from Malone shadow her and learn about the process.  Which is cool because I get to hear more details of what is going on.  These people are smart.

I was in a smaller section this time, which made it hard for my guests today.  Teri, Jasmine and Adam rotated, as there was only one chair.  And, like I said, the whirlwind made it hard not to be in the way.

Jazz and our favorite hand sanitizer
First to stay and experience the thrill of the port was Jasmine.  She held up very well with the needles and such.  We had a great visit together and I'm so glad she was there with me.

Then, Adam came in after getting off his 3rd shift job.  He was with me when Doc assessed the situation and gave the go ahead.  He was also there when the pre-meds were dispersed, including the Benadryl.  Wow! that stuff hits fast and hard.  But, I managed to stay awake so we could catch up on news. 

Early Photo (forgot to take my camera out when he was there)

At 11:15, they were ready for the 2nd drip of Taxol (3 hour drip and the one that causes the most side effects).  We said our good-byes as I made yet another trip to the restroom.  Remember the ice?  Yeah, so I go before the 3-hour-ice-on-my-limbs is initiated!

By that time, the girls were hungry and I talked them into finding food at the main hospital.  It was a beautiful day and Jasmine agreed to take my camera to get some photos around the grounds.  She did a great job! 

Album - McDowell Center

Teri & Jazz
I fell asleep while they were gone.

They brought back a turkey wrap for me and they decided to picnic outside with their lunch.  Great plan .... I ate what I could and fell asleep again.

Then the Carbplatin .... homestretch!  By this time, Matt picked up Jasmine and Teri came back to keep me company.  We also had a good visit. 

It didn't take long for this last chemo drug and then, BLOOD TRANSFUSION.

Nurse Tracie encouraged me to drink 64 ounces of water every day to help with all the symptoms. I know this is what I have to do.  And this time, I am really going to do it.  No more "trying".  I found my 32 ounce jug from the hospital.  Just got to fill it up twice during the day.  I CAN DO THIS!

I don't want to feel bad.  I want to take any opportunity to help myself feel better.  I was never a water drinker.  I don't drink carbonated pop.  I do drink coffee all day long and ice tea at home.  Neither will do the job.  Wish me luck!  Send me "reminders"!


Teri left for home.  She gave me a wonderful birthday card.  Hard to believe I'm going to be the Big 5-0. 

I'm all snuggled in the "Ladies Lounge" with my new body pillow, sheets, comfy pjs and pets.

Will go to work tomorrow until 3:00, Matt is driving just in case.

Then, to the clinic for my shot.

Staying focused.

Staying on top of the pain.



Daily devotionals.

And writing to you.

Stay tuned
Next blog .... how my sister spoils me rotten.


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