Wednesday, April 25, 2012

She's Baaaack!

My daughter got into Denver yesterday and decided to shop before going to the hotel.  I got a call from her when her GPS failed to catch a signal.  It took about an hour to guide her over the phone while looking at mapquest and deciphering the maze of roads and freeways in that big city.  Momma gps ~  Kinda frightening when you are in a big city that you don't know and are alone.

Today was her first plane trip (well, she was a year old when I went to visit my sister in New York).  She conquered her fears and arrived safe & sound.  She is now sitting here in my living room.  Glad to have her home! She will be busy with ceremonies and commencement, parties and visiting.  Plus, tomorrow, she will be with me for my 6th & last chemo. 

Praying I feel well enough to watch her get her masters diploma Saturday.  She has worked so hard all these years.

It has been wonderful having frequent visits from Jasmine.  Both my girls are very special to me.

Jaz has been borrowing my car for work and not a scratch! 

I'm a happy mommy :)


  1. What a wonderful way to finalize your chemo with Casey back in town and no dents to your car from Jasmine. The pride in your girls just beams when you write about them. It must be very pleasing to have them so near as they encourage you through the last hurdle of your treatments. Enjoy their good company and the special time you all have together. ~ JM


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