Saturday, April 7, 2012

The 1st & 2nd Day Post Chemo #5

I didn't do "too bad" Friday at work.  I was anxious to leave though because of chest pains, which I believe was heart burn.  Matt picked me up at 2:15 and took me to the clinic for my shot.  We were too early (shot is given 24 hours after chemo ends, which was more like 3:30).

Nurse Dawn was concerned that my blood pressure was high.  She gave me a swig of milk of magnesa and gave me signs to look for. 

She said "lots of people go to the ER during this process, so don't mess around with it if it gets worse".  No worries, during the night, it soothed and settled down. 

O my Gosh! Just one more to go!!!

I went to sleep after 6pm, woke up a few hours later with a craving for Taco Bell.  Really, for the mango/strawberry drink .... hubby went and got it.  My heart burn was gone too.

Stayed up long enough to watch a recorded TV show and then off to bed again.  I sure like my room downstairs (right next to the bathroom).  So much easier.

I woke up this morning and Matt made scrambled eggs & toast. Nice.

This afternoon, he picked up my fav .... Carmel Frappe .... yummmmy

 Hoping these "bad days" that come aren't going to be "real bad days".  I've got a lot that I want to get done. 

The flowers that we pressed from Rickie's funeral is ready for some creative projects.  Mandy is just the gal to help me with it!


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