Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back on Coumadin

This morning, I met Nurse Michael to do a final review on the clinical trial for the radiation treatment. Once the MRI and blood work comes back, we will know if I qualify.  Should know this week!  The computer randomizes the "arm 1" and "arm 2" (6 weeks or 3 weeks).  The "boost" is not a big difference from the standard treatment (1.0 vs 1.5). 

I mentioned to Michael that my symptoms were back from when the port had created the blood clots. Its been about 2 weeks since getting off the Coumadin. So, Michael wanted me to wait on drawing blood and let Doc Esther check things over.  I was holding my breathe a bit because I didn't want an extra test like the ultrasound. I wasn't on the schedule to see her today either.  Mike and I had a great conversation waiting for her.  I like to ask folks why they got into the oncology profession.  He said it was because of his grandma. 

He gave high recommendations of the doctors I have on my team as well.  He said that if he or a family member ever got cancer, he would go to them.  That is real encouragement for me.

Doc Esther came in and sat down in relief.  She had been on the go all morning.  She pressed my underarm and I winced in pain. 

Outcome:  Back on Coumadin

As long as it takes the pain away and prevents a blood clot from killing me, fine by me!

Note to self: Get a medical alert bracelet

I asked her why she was in this field and she said that she loves to learn and loves people more than test tubes.  I just love her! She is real excited that I am taking part in the trial.  She said that is the best way for docs to know what works and what doesn't.  30 years ago, most of it was a guessing game and it was so frustrating.  She also said that the treatments I got were all clinical trials at some point.  I'm honored to be doing it.

Four vials of blood work .... and I expect a call this week for a yes or a no on the trial.

I was so incredibly tired today.


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