Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No Pain No Gain?

I woke up this morning with redness a little bigger than half a dollar.  Feels just like a sunburn ... tight, itchy, hot.  I try to be proactive. I thought by calling the doctor's office this afternoon to get a prescription (or at least a sample) of cream ordered, I could get it after my treatment.  The nurse said that it couldn't be the radiation treatment because it takes at least two weeks  before side effects occur. She actually said

It has to be from something else


That threw me for a loop ~ trust me, I haven't been slapped on the boob nor suntanning with my top off.   She said that Dr R would have to see me on Wednesday (he wasn't in today) and I said "I need help with this now, do you have a sample that you can give me?"  Nope, she was all out.  She did agree to have the other doctor in the group see me before my 2nd treatment began.

I made it to the appointment (again with 2 minutes to spare because of new construction that just popped up) and went thru the motions of getting my ball gown on.  This time, I had my spring jacket to zip up the front.  Gave me a bright idea ~ I'm taking my summer robe tomorrow.

The doc examined the situation and seemed perplexed.  She mentioned the word "infection" and I thought "how?"  Doc decided to go ahead and get my treatment (sectioning off the burned area). I agreed to have a photograph taken so Dr R could see if today's treatment made it any worse or not.

It's amazing how all shyness disappears

Two technicians, Holly & Scott (have to double-check that) got me set up.  This time they placed linen all over the arm area to soften it.  I tried to explain the pressure on my forehead, but will have to try (yell) harder tomorrow.  Once that mesh was locked in, the stabbing pain hit.  It didn't take quite as long today, and I was relieved to get my head released from the jaws of death .... (too dramatic?)

Note to self: Remember to remove dangly earrings

Totally forgot to take them off and one got tangled in the mesh.  Holly was quick to help.

So, they did find a sample of cream to try out.  Doc said it cost $75.  I will be finding out how much insurance is going to pay for it.

Tomorrow Dr R and

31 more to go!

Florida where the gators are


  1. You need an Olivia Newton John 1980's headband from the video "Let's Get Physical."

    1. Heck with the headband! I'll wear the black leather outfit! LOL


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