Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Round 8

Route 8 backed up (again), ugh ~

I asked how many sessions I had left and the tech checked the computer screen.  I looked at the figures and quickly added in my head *tongue-in-cheek* (I feel brain dead)

25 standard
  7 boost

Now, that's 32 and I thought it was 33! 

I told him he just made my day!!!!

Well, he said, it depends on if the doctor wants to change some of the radiation "type" .... it might add to or subtract to the total count.

~ Sigh ~

Wednesdays, I meet with the doctor.  Dr. R was not in today, so I saw the lady doctor from the "photo" session.  I opened my ball gown, she took a quick peek and didn't even touch me.  All done.

The nurse said that samples of cream (XClair) were still not in and they don't know when they will get some.  So, I asked for a script and I would be charged $50 through insurance for 1 tube.  Nurse said that I could get 2 tubes for $65 through a mail order vendor they use and it would be delivered to my home the NEXT DAY.

Love it ~


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