Monday, August 20, 2012

A Hint of Heaven

Today was my first day back since vacation Aug 10.  It was good to be back refreshed and ready to go.  But, let me tell ya, it was a hard one.

My line of work has some sadness to it.  I've been doing it for about 20 years now and I don't question why, I just do what I feel God has called me to do.

In my own quiet way

I received a phone call from an employee's mother who informed me that he had died over the weekend.  "R" has been on my heart for the past few years as he battled cancer.  Throughout the conversation, I quietly cried as she recited the happenings leading up to his death.  For people who believe in God and heaven, it is easier to let go.  What she told me gave me great peace and

a tingling sensation in my whole being

During the past few years as I helped him through his disability benefits, I had the wonderful opportunity of getting to know him.  He should of really had a blog ~ it would have been awe inspiring.  Every time I spoke with him, he was praising Jesus, telling me of how blessed he was, how he had NO pain, how he was going to be a cancer survivor and he was

 a man who had peace that passes all understanding

The hospice doctors kept wanting to give him morphine and he kept telling them that he was not in pain.  God is so merciful.

The day before he passed, he told his momma that he wanted to get his papers in order.  Friday, everything was completed by 9:00 that night.  She told me that he then said to her that

God had spoken to him.

She said he looked like he was glowing and he was so calm.  R said that God told him that he was going to be healed and they would celebrate,  not in this life, but together in heaven.  The next day, he went home to be with the Lord and was surrounded by his loved ones ~ as it should be. I am sure that angels were ready to guide him to eternity.

I wish that I could tell you the whole conversation verbatim.  It would give you a renewed appreciation of our Holy God.  We can barely comprehend His majesty in our human minds.  I'm honored to have heard the remarkable occurrences she relayed to me.  All my life, I have received confirmation after confirmation.

God reveals Himself to open hearts

Proverbs 3:5-6

New King James Version (NKJV)
5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
6 In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct[a] your paths.

Another "Good-bye"

A beautiful friend of mine had lunch with me today (I'm so lucky).  Over the past years, our friendship has blossomed and my sis even met her! (She was there on my surgery day and also transported me from chemo when I needed her)

She has such a heart for Haiti and God has opened up the door for her to be able to help the lovely people on a more permanent basis.  She is leaving next Friday. 

Talk about being ON FIRE! 
ahhh, if only we could all be like that! (my sis helped her get a blog started)

I ask for prayer that her journey will lead her to the desires of her heart and that God will continue to bless her as her testimony increases each passing day.

Thank goodness for SKYPE!!!

Thank goodness for her faithfulness!!

Thank goodness for the love that surrounds her!!

Thank goodness for the mighty works shared by everyone in this mission!!


Thank goodness for you!

Some people, like angels, leave a hint of heaven wherever they go


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