Thursday, August 2, 2012


I went to the health center after work for my MRV.  No problems, except they lost my work order .... the tech remembered receiving it and knew what was instructed.

No contrast required! Yay!

This test took less than 15 minutes ... the last one was an hour long (and with contrast).

So, I will await the results ~

In other news:

Each day I wake up, my hair is fuller.  I use to part my hair in the middle and right now, there is no sign of parts.  That makes me wonder if I get to train my hair in a different way.  I see shimmers and think it is some gray peeking through.  That's ok :)

Tomorrow is Friday!  Looking forward to it.  There is so much to accomplish before our vacation next week.   Heading for Colorado to see my oldest daughter and getting some much needed R&R.  Matt hasn't been there yet, so I'm excited to share the experience with him. 

Off work for 10 consecutive days!


  1. So glad you’re able to check off one of the items of your “want to” list. Enjoy your trip to Colorado. The altitude and attitude adjustment will do you good and you are long overdue for a little fun. :-)

  2. That's awesome that you are getting to go see Casey!

  3. We are very excited for vacation! Can't believe it is really happening :)


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