Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hot Air Balloons

I had such a good time this weekend with Megen.  I was thrilled to see a launching of hot air balloons (a new experience for me) and she agreed to pick me up and join me.  It was a thrill! 

She started the visit with home-made apple crisp and a beautiful glass flower.

Sure were a lot of people .... kids' rides, carnival food, blankets, canvas chairs and beautiful sky.  The air was cool in the shade and we moved up a couple of times to get out of the long reach of the branches.  I should have worn a heavier coat!
Working on the full album for Shutterfly .... here are a few selections:

We had a wonderful meal afterwards and girlie talk ....
Megen, thank you for sharing time with me! AND, I really do think that you should continue your blog. After all, you have 120 members! (look how many I have), so come on!!


  1. Beautiful pictures of the balloons! It was an absolute blast to experience them with you. Thank you for being such a good host and friend. And the blog...that's still on the back burner for now. :-)


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