Thursday, October 4, 2012

Time for a Re-Design

Next week is my Herceptin. After that, I'll wait 3 weeks and do it again.  Besides the chemo drip and a few back issues, my intense journey with breast canSURVIVE is winding down. 

Writing this blog has been very therapeutic and I love sharing my photos and thoughts (not sure if anyone cares to read them!)

So, what's next?

Well, I've been thinking that there are other things in my life that interest me and I don't always have to (or want to) talk about canzer.  That can get boring.

I'm thinking about getting creative with the design and figure out how to segue into another topic, yet keep the information (history) in tack.  I will plan it out and organize it and then introduce it .....

For those of you who know me, do you have any suggestions on topics?  Or, has this venue played itself out?


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