Sunday, November 18, 2012

All Kinds of Celebration!

Sunday Celebration! 

Our church celebrated 13 years today.  It was wonderful seeing how much each of the "original" congregation meant to the pastor and his family.  We could tell how happy they all were today.  Matt and I have only been going there since the summer.  They have been very loving to us. Casey had the opportunity to join us for fellowship and a celebration luncheon afterwards.  Glad she got to meet folks and see where we are now.

We got home about 2:00 and I laid down for a "quick" nap.  While napping, Matt and Casey began clean up in the basement.  They worked hard for 3 hours and now there is just a small amount for me to decide what to do with.  I've been in this house for almost 20 years and, boy, can stuff pile up.  We've had a disgusting mold problem on the corner of the basement walls, but needed to weed out all the stuff downstairs to treat the walls.  Mold isn't good for anyone, let alone someone going thru treatment and having weakened immune system.  I really appreciate all the help since she has arrived!  All the piles of papers in my office have been wittled down as well. My file cabinets have been archived. 

Do you remember my new's years resolution ?!!!

We are treating ourselves to a little bit of shopping and Panera's tomorrow :)

May your days be filled with overflowing JOY ~


  1. I am so glad Casey is home with you! What a huge blessing! Much love and prayers coming from Newton Falls.

    1. Hi! Miss your pretty face!!! How are "our" 3 babies?


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