Thursday, November 8, 2012

Christie's Prep

This morning, Christie went to her Chemo Class.  Even though we are not quite sure what her cocktail will be, it was a time to receive all kinds of information, including terminology.  She came with me and my husband for my chemo class.  I know that since Richard (her husband) hasn't experienced this part of the process, it will be beneficial for him.

After that, she received her "port".  When I talked to her this afternoon, she was laying on the couch resting.  My power injectable port experience was horrible.  And remember, she also received her flu and pneumonia shot yesterday. 

I would imagine that she is not feeling 100%

She talked about two meetings she was scheduled to go to this evening.  Well, doc said to keep life's schedules at a normal pace as much as possible.  It does help [me] to put both feet on the floor each morning I get up.  Purpose.

The MRI on her liver has to be done at the main hospital and the next available appointment is Dec 5. We are checking into other options.

She has to contact her family doctor to get further testing done on her stomach issues.  Hopefully, there is nothing to deal with, but we need to alleviate any other fears of the "unknown".

Well, Christie is still dealing with the news and I can remember how surreal at this time of my journey.  I am praying that people continue to hug her and encourage her. 

Oh! How important that is!


  1. Carol,

    Saddened to learn that your sister has also joined the club that no one wants to be a member of. She is lucky to have you for a navigator and supporter through all the challenges and hardships ahead. There is strength in numbers and I am confident that together, the two of you will conquer your cansers and have long and lasting results. My thoughts and prayers are with both of you.


    1. Joe, Hope you are are doing well. You are in my prayers as well.


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