Friday, November 23, 2012

Herceptin #16

Guess what I forgot to do? Put numbing cream on my port! Geez, I did that one other time and swore that I would never forget to do that again!  Oh well .... chemo brain.  Nurse Karen is an expert and I dealt with it easily.  After the numerous tests and pokes this past year, what's a little pinch in the arm?

The parking lot was bare as the only ones in the building were the chemo nurses.  I felt bad that they didn't have the day after Thanksgiving off like most folks.  Bless them!

Today was my next-to-the-last-one Herceptin drip.  Yay!!

December 19 is my "annual" mammogram (NOT looking forward to this)
December 21 is my follow-up with the surgeon

Nurse wants me to follow up the Doc about the pain behind my knee and the pea-size bump I feel.  Plus, the intense pain in the lymph node sections in both my underarms/breast.  I will take care of that Monday.

Christie had a hard time Thanksgiving day.  When I spoke to her today, she said that she is feeling better.  Her nausea meds might need to be changed if it has taken this long to feel better. 

Isn't she pretty?!


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