Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Only Hair - Part 2

So, this morning my hair started falling out! I know! Right?
Not all at once, just a few strands at a time.
When I got to school I looked up from my desk and saw this sign I have in my classroom:

I decided that I shouldn't be pouting about losing my hair. I'm lucky because it will grow back and be even more beautiful like Carol's. 

I heard from many of you today, received extra hugs because I needed them and again I counted my blessings.

At a meeting this evening my friends suggested that I try out the scarves before I need them. When I got home I decided to brush my hair to see what would happen. No surprise - it's still falling out.

So, I finally looked in the bag of scarves my sister brought over and watched some great You Tube videos on how to tie scarves.

I'm going to be fine!


  1. Of course you'll be fine! This weekend I saw where two NFL cheerleaders shaved their heads to support the coach who is going through chemo. I thought to myself, if Cathy were still here, she'd be shaving her head for the second time. Come on, you know its true! Just think of it as switching from "Somethings Gotta Give" to "G.I. Jane!"

    1. You just made me giggle out loud! You can call me GI Jane now.


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