Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (a david bowie tune)

Thursday was a milestone for Christie.  Plus it was Casey's last night in Ohio.  So what better way to come together than over a delicious meal.  Christie/Katie and me/Casey met at Bob Evans to hear about Christie's adventure and check out her new look.  It was wonderful to just come together in support for one another.

Katie, Me, Christie, Casey

As we were leaving our table, a woman motioned to Christie and pointed to her own pink ribbon lapel.  (Christie's scarf is certainly a way for folks to recognize a chemo patient)  Her name is Betty and she wanted to give Christie some words of encouragement.  It was certainly a blessing for Christie as she held Betty's hand and they shared with each other their own experience with cancer.  It was an honor for me to witness it, because it just affirmed to me that this journey is certainly a sisterhood.

Christie & Me

My emotions are still all over the place.  It is a mother's delight when we see our children happy and healthy.  Even though I miss Casey, I know that she is exactly where God wants her to be.  Thank goodness for Skype, text, internet and cell phones!

Friday Casey came to work to see some of the people who remember her from when she worked there and to introduce her to other coworkers.  I enjoyed watching my adult child answering the many questions asked of her.  I remember listening to a talk show about how to change your relationship once your children become adults.  It had some really interesting points.  The one I remember the most is "if your friend was going outside, would you say 'you better put your sweater on' ... well, you shouldn't!  and you shouldn't say that to your adult child either."  Food for thought.

Once she left, I prayed over her safety on her flight back to Colorado this afternoon.  (and God honored the prayer)

This week was exhausting and I do believe I'm going to sleep in Saturday!!

Changes to my appointments

My annual mammogram and follow up with my surgeon has been moved up to Dec 4.  Looks like they want to do a diagnostic mammo and ultrasound to check out some pain I've been having.  Also got the all-clear to go to my dentist Dec 4 for my 6 month cleaning.  The coumidin should not be an issue as long as I don't get jabbed by some of those wicked tools they have!

Philippians 4
6 Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. 7 Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. 


  1. Great Mother Daughter pics! Wait, did Mom go with you guys?

    1. It was a last minute decision ... if I was thinking more clearly, of course I would have picked her up. Missed that opportunity :(


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