Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Follow Up with Surgeon

This morning I woke up to a migraine ... haven't had one of those in years. They always affect my vision and I knew that I would have problems driving to my appointment.  Matt was ready to take me, but by the time I was to leave, my vision returned.

I arrived at the Breast Center with the feeling of deja vu, I was doing this one year ago.  I wanted to sit with every patient in there and hold their hand. I remembered the anxiety and fear and disbelief.

The nurse updated my information and my blood pressure was 151/111. Kinda high ~

I met with Dr Partin first and she is just so thorough.  A very sweet lady.  She asked me what plans I had to celebrate my last chemo (Dec 14).  I really haven't thought about that. 

The thick tissue at my surgery site is scar tissue.  It should be watched for any time of growth.  She explained that since some of my lymph nodes were removed, my system has been interrupted and this could be why I'm not feeling 100%. The pain in my unaffected breast needs to be checked.  She also wants me to try tailored bras at:

I agree. Time to find something else.  She also asked if I had Fibromyalgia.  Nope.  She is sending me to physical therapy as my range of motion isn't far enough along.  They set me up for Dec 11.  After physical therapy is done, I plan to then go to a gym to continue building my strength.  I am weighing the most I've ever weighed in my life. Time to get these pounds off.

So, down the same hallways I had been through before for the diagnostic mammogram.  It HURT, but I've been through worse.  The technician told me to take a seat and if there was anything unusual, I would be sent to the ultrasound.  Waiting even 5 minutes gave my brain time to think too much.  It also gave me time to pray and just remember what I have already accomplished so far. 

The nurse came back to take me to the ultrasound.  So, with this, my emotions were raw.  Each place the wand touched and then stayed at was right where the pain was .... Her fingers danced across the key pad taking measurements of the areas she paused at.  It didn't take long and she asked me to wait for the doc to review the ultrasound and come in to give me the results. 

Dr. Davis and two other ladies came in .... 3? It must be bad news ....

"You are all clear on both breasts. Nothing at all to worry about."

The waterworks poured out.  I couldn't help it and I was just so relieved.

She took some time with me as I calmed down.

Thank you Lord Jesus for wrapping your arms around me today.  I felt your presence!


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