Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I want my brain back!

I'm extremely curious about http://www.lumosity.com/

I want to get back in the game!  back in life! back in work! 
I want my brain back!

Got this from my new found blogging friend Denise http://denise4health.wordpress.com/

I'll keep you posted :)


  1. Carol I've been thinking about your posts and how tired you have been. At the Life Center where I work out, they have a group of breast cancer survivors who work with a trainer to build back up their body once more. I was thinking that something like that might work for you. Because it would give you an opportunity to spend time with the community which might help you to keep up the motivation to go. I was just googleing Akron breast cancer survivor gym and this site came up. It looks awesome! I'm sure their are lots more!


    1. Hi Heather, Isn't that something?! You have googled an organization that a friend of my belongs to! She promises to take me out on the canoe this summer. Yes, I've got to GET the motivation, power, strength to do something in order to HAVE the motivation, power and strength back!

  2. My dad uses this program and loves it! I would like to try it out myself. I know that after my stroke back in 2005, my brain has not been quite right. Maybe I will check it out. Thank you for reminding me about it!


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