Friday, January 11, 2013

The New Normal

This morning I opened the laundry room doors and discovered this disaster. For 25 years it's been our weekend routine to complete 4-5 loads, get everything folded and put away.

Being in the hospital last week was the tipping point. As we try to get through each day the laundry and dust-bunnies are taking over the house.

Yesterday I went into the dining room and found my 3 heirloom plants barely alive. I can't remember the last time I watered the poor things (or when I'd last been in the dining room). They are the only plants I have left and are each over 30 years old. They could use an IV just like me!

I am so unorganized and forgetful now. I thought I was doing great by multi-tasking; eating breakfast AND making a list of everything I needed to do at work today. I was half way there when I realize I forgot the list on the table! I should have written it on my hand.

My sister understands exactly what this is like. She mentioned the program, Cleaning for a Reason. I decided to apply for this service online. When I clicked 'submit' it listed only one cleaning business in Akron affiliated with this program. If I get approved they will contact me and then I will need to send a patient release from my doctor.

In the mean time, if I turn up missing this weekend, please tell my family to check under all the clothes.


  1. I remember an old story of when I was missing and everyone was looking everywhere for me. They found me in the laundry basket sleeping.

    You will have these peaks and valleys in the housework and other "To Do Lists". I hope Cleaning for a Reason comes to your aid. If not, I will be over to help tackle. Lord knows I need to find a way to get my body to boost some energy!


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