Saturday, March 9, 2013

Strokes and Chemo

The past week has been very busy ... starting with last Friday.  On my way home from work, I received a message from my sister that mom called and wanted to go to ER.  She was having trouble with her vision.  Since I was right down the street and sis just got home from chemo treatment, I headed over to take care of the situation. 

Got mom to the ER and she was taken back pretty quickly.  She described her symptoms to different nurses who asked her the same questions.  Then a doctor came in for some eye hand motor tests.  Doc ordered an EKG, a chest x-ray and a cat scan.  About 4-1/2 hours later, they admitted her for observation.  We got her settled in her room and ordered dinner (about 9:30), as she hadn't eaten since I picked her up. 

Saturday, they ordered an MRI as the cat scan was inclusive.  The MRI showed that she had a stroke located in the back of her head behind her left ear.  It surprised a lot of us because she did not have any paralysis.  (that's good)  Mom has 100% blockage on one side of her neck and 70% blockage on the other side.  They kept her Sunday and released her Monday afternoon, with a whole list of doctors to follow up with.

During the same time, Christie was dealing with the side effects from the Taxol.  Another infection, slight fever and pain.  Stupid canzer!


  1. Hi...I found your blog by way of your sister's. From one cancer fighting chica to both have my prayers and all the best wishes I can muster! Also sending up prayers for your mother. With much love and many cyber hugs, Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa! Christie was very excited to get your message and sent me your link! I haven't been writing much lately (not sure "why"). I'm trying to find a segway into "next steps". Perhaps I will find inspiration :)
    Blessings to you as well! It is nice to find a cyber friend!! Keep in touch


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