Friday, December 16, 2011

Pre-Surgery Testing

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I went for pre-testing this morning before work.  Since I just had the chest x-ray and blood work, this was more of finishing all my medical history.  Too bad that the computer systems don't connect with each office because I was repeating information I had given in the other office.

The first nurse, Julie, took my medical history and told me more of what to expect the day of surgery. She was very comforting, friendly and a Christian too. It's pretty neat to meet such kind women.   Julie is 47 and is concerned about the growing rate of breast cancer among women.  It does seem that a lot of cancer is everywhere, not just breast cancer.

Then the 2nd nurse, Anne, came in and also firmed up some questions that I had. Ann suffers from Raynaud's (like me)  and I told her where to find the most protective gloves! I was given a gift card for a photo shoot I did and totally pampered myself with isotoner gloves. It's great focusing on others than myself. It takes the edge off somehow. 

When I got back to work, there was a message that Dr Partin (my surgeon) called. She gave me the results of the MRI, which showed another area in front of what they have already seen. The measurement changed to 1.3 centimeters. She still believes that a lumpectomy is still fine and there is no need for the mastectomy. By the way, Julie showed me my written surgery order and it was a shock to see that it said "partial mastectomy". Which Julie said was still considered a lumpectomy, but because they have to take "good" tissue all around the cancer, it is called partial .... ANYWAY, back to the story. Dr Partin said that my lymphnodes were NOT enlarged and that's a really good sign.

Won't know the full intensity of the situation until the operation. While I'm still in the OR, pathology will determine the kind, the aggressivness, the treatment needed, the stage.

I'm glad it is Friday. I just want to concentrate on finishing up Christmas gifts and getting the house in order.

I hope everyone doesn't mind that I didn't send out cards this year. If I have your e-mail, I sent you an e-card. Save the trees and all.....


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