Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Surgery Day

White Farm
I'm at peace.

The house is quiet this morning. Coffee is made (I can't have any) ~ Thought I would check messages before getting ready. Jaz crashed on the couch and Matt is still sleeping. Teri should be here soon. Quiet ~ Just me and the Lord.

Dear Father, Thank you for bringing me through to this place now. There have been so many that have come together for the purpose of caring for me. I ask that you watch over each one of them as we take this journey together. I pray that the surgical team has steady hands, no distractions and that they see exactly what they need to see. I ask that there will be no infection or reaction to the medicines. And Lord, it sure would be nice to walk with you while I'm sleeping. Maybe you can hold my hand. You are the Christ, my Savior, and I love you ~ Amen


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