Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to work ... Well, Almost

I cried myself to sleep last night.  The pain in my feet and hands returned full force and my nausea kicked up.  I settled into a fitful sleep after taking a pain pill.  

The alarm went off and I found myself shuffling instead of walking.  Actually, I was walking like I had M.S.  Very unstable.  As I washed my short hair, reality kicked me in the gut again.  That keeps happening.  I got fully ready for work though. Nose bleeding, hands swollen, bones hurting and hubby said he didn't want me driving.  I really wasn't sure how I would anyway.  I certainly didn't want to hurt anyone on the road.  This is frustrating.  I called off work...just one more day...pjs back on.  I'm freezing.  I can see I need a scarf for my bare neck.

It's mid afternoon now and my gait is better.  Please continue to get better....

I was reading some other blogs wondering why my 4th and 5th day isn't "rosy" as what I was lead to believe.  Every one is different and every cocktail is different.  That is the bottom line.  I feel like apologizing to the world for not being a better sport about all this.  For not bouncing back quickly.

Then my sister said that honesty is the  best policy and that sometimes it just helps to know there is a witness.  I think she's right.  I can only relay my journey as honestly as I can and allow you to be my witness.  So, when all this is finally done, you will be a testimony to my story.

In other news, today is Matt's first day back to school.  He was worried leaving me all day.  It will be after 8pm when he gets back.  This is important though and I want him to continue striving for his dreams. 

That is what each one of us should do each day.  Live every moment like it was your last.  Be completely filled up with joy and love and laughter.  That is my wish to you ~


  1. Our wish to you, is for you to get through this trial as pain free and hardship free as possible. That will fill each of us with joy and love and laughter . . .


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