Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oncotype DX Revisited

Blue Ridge Parkway
During my follow-up appointment with Doc Esther, I mentioned that the surgeon had ordered the Oncotype DX test. (see post "The Day After - Jan 13") I had agreed to the test in a phone call with the agency and asked Doc if the results would make a difference in my treatments.  She said that I tested positive for all 3 areas that matter and the test would not provide anything new.  Doc recommended cancelling the order.  Okay, so it cost $4,100 ... I have no problems cancelling if the information is redundant.  Even tho they said I qualified for financial aid, I didn't have that in writing.  Makes me leary ~

I called to first find out if the test was already completed and therefore too late to cancel.  It would be complete within 24 hours and if I wanted to cancel it, my oncologist had to make the call.  Well, I'm the one who has to pay for it, why can't I be the one to cancel it? 

This morning, the Doc's office took care of it.  THANKFULLY.

Lesson learned - remember that there is a WHOLE lot of people on your "team".  Make sure the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.  It didn't dawn on me that my surgeon ordered a test to decide what the best treatment is .... get it?  The medical oncologist is the one who decides the treatment.  Light bulb!

All's well that ends well ~

PS  I feel good today.  :)


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