Thursday, February 2, 2012

How are You being Treated today?

I hope you are being treated well today.  I am! Got my cocktail, recliner, laptop, penthouse suite, window overlooking the countryside (i mean parking lot) ... All last year, I kept saying I was going on a sabbatical.  Even wrote it on the white board at work.  Look~ I can certainly consider this my sabbatical ... why not? There sure is time to reflect and definitely re-align areas of life.

Matt brought me to the treatment center and helped me get settled in.  Adam (brother-in-law) followed us in ... Matt got to stay for awhile and then took off for school.  He already missed his first class.  It was great having that 1 on 1 conversion with Adam.  We talk about life, relationships and God. 

The usual blood work was done before treatment can start.  It is important to make sure my body is on track before chemo drugs saturate my system.  She said all my levels are excellent. Today, I have Nurse Dawn and I REALLY like her.  I think it is wonderful when the person who is caring for you actually cares.  Know what I mean jellybean? My blood level for the cumidine is 2.86 (should be between 2-3). 

My first drug was Herceptin .... this time, it was only for 30 minutes instead of the initial 90 minutes on the last treatment.  It was in a millisecond that my eyelids felt heavy from the benedryl.  Got a dose of steroids too and other stuff.  Not sure I made any sense during my convo with Adam .... although I'm positive he followed my line of thinking.

Once the tox began, the icebags came on too ... both hands and feet (therefore no typing). This drip is for 3 hours.  About lunchtime, Adam took off and I got a sandwich and mac & cheese. 

I tried to check my messages and then my eyelids went down again.  zzzzzzz

I woke up right before 2:00 and Nurse Dawn was putting on the 3rd bag.  Whaaa?? She said I should be done by 2:30!  Way earlier than I thought, so I made that quick call to Marylee for my transportation.  She is on her way :)

Wish I would have brought my camera.  I'm in the corner penthouse suite.  This section is twice as big as the one I had last time.  Got a huge window that my recliner faces.  Even though it is cloudy, I can find solace and beauty as my eyes roam the canvas.  (I REALLY need to have another photo shoot soon. I'm just itching to snap away)

Well, I'll come back to this post and fix any errors and add to it! I'm beeping, ready to start packing up!

8:15pm - Matt is home from school.  I just finished eating "most" of my dinner.  So far, no side effects and I hope to go to work Friday.  Last time, the stuff hit Sunday and lasted a few days.  Counting on the new pain meds to help me get through it.

Thank you for hugging me, thinking of me, praying for me, encouraging me .... hmmm, sure is a lot of "me" in this statement.  It's not all about me.  Your walk in this life is just as eventful.  Be sure you allow me the opportunity to hug you, think of you, pray for you, encourage you.  ok? THAT'S what makes my heart happy!


  1. It would seem as if your second round of chemo is sooo much better than the first. I’m hoping your aftermath side effects are less severe also. You’re doing great and it is so encouraging for us to read your blogs and follow your journey. Blessings. - JM

  2. I have to say I am loving the scarves! Melanie even said today that she watched the video you posted yesterday and really like it! I am so very grateful that the treatment was smoother this time. Keep us posted on how you feel this weekend.

    Love ya!


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