Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another New Day

Well, amazing what one writes at 1:00 in the morning.  I've had some very touching messages in my in-box and I want to thank each of you for them.  I also want to be sure that you don't think that I would ever take my own life.  When I wrote so early in the morning, I guess I was baring my soul.  I am a fighter and generally a tough cookie.  It's true though that God called my bluff.  I was always asking to go home and He said, do you really want to?  Okay, deal with cancer.  Now, tell me if you want to fight for your life... See your children marry... See your grandbabies be born. This is some important stuff to me and YES I want that. 

To me, that is how God pulled me out of my depression.  So you see, I never ask "why me?"  I can't put into words how precious all those things are to me and the fact that I don't want to miss one moment of it.

A friend of mine shared this video .... it is so incredibly beautiful.  The way that I want to experience life, adore life, and see life.

Thank you Teri


  1. One of my friends makes glass beads for this project. Here's a video about the Beads Of Courage program. I thought that you'd like to see it.

  2. This is a very moving video. Thank you for sharing it. I will also copy it into a new post. I hope you have a beautiful day.


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