Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The World Keeps Spinning

I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning. Like a whirlpool, it's never endin' .... remember that song?

I can't help thinking about Ann's post.  How the world keeps going after we are no longer here.  She says that it is surreal like a viewer watching the scene and not really being a part of it. Like split personality. I get glimpses of "The Matrix" ....of people walking around like robots, busy doing whatever it is they are doing and not even acknowledging what someone is doing right beside them.  When one of us is plucked from the space we are in, everything keeps right on moving along.  

I get a small sense of that when I go back to work even after a week off.  Walk into changes, updates, rearranging .... life continues to go on whether we are here or not.

And what do I have to offer and leave behind? 
What do you?

Memories are a way to share ourselves once we are gone.  Whether in words or actions or with tangible objects.  My sister, Cathy, was in the middle of  crocheting an afghan for her son when she died.  My oldest sister finished it.  The part she finished was just a little different in the pattern, which ended up to be perfect.  When she gave him the afghan, she was able to show him exactly what part his mother had done.  It was a very moving moment for the both of them .... he never realized that his mom had started the project.

Memories come in so many forms.  I love photography and I try to capture emotion on film ~ capture the moment.

Handwriting is such a lost art in today's world, but we have a style all our own.  Words are so rich.  When I was pregnant, I kept a journal for each of my girls.  I wrote about the doctor's appointments, my weight gain, my food cravings ... but I also wrote about my hopes and dreams for them.  Once they got older, I gave it to them.  They could read first hand just how much I wanted them even before they were born and in my arms.

None of us gets out of here alive

Don't be a waster of time

Slow down and look into your child's eyes

Enjoy the beauty that is around you

Be kind to one another

Give without expecting something back

I've posted it before, but I'm doing it again.  It gives an opportunity to ask yourself the question ~ How will they remember me?


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