Monday, April 16, 2012

Oncologist Update after Chemo #5

Monday morning follow up visit with Doc.  I had an easier time getting in and out than last visit.  So glad! Matt drove there and then to work so I don't have to worry about quick reflexes.

She took a look at my numbers and approved me for the last cocktail scheduled for April 26.  Won't know until the blood tests the morning of to see if I will need another blood transfusion.  The fatigue has really taken a hold of me and I need the cane now more than ever.  She asked me about my depression and I was honest and said I still cry.  We talked about anti-depressants and I'm not too keen on them because I hear they can do just the opposite of what they are suppose to do.  But, I also know I need help.  She mentioned that they will also help the hot flashes .... now, who can resist that.  The one prescribed is called Citalopram.  If you know anything nasty about it, please let me know.

I'm rescheduling my dentist appointment due to the warfarin.  She plans to take me off of it after all the chemo is out of my system (June?) 

I made it to work (after a week of being on leave) around 10:30.  It was wonderful to see the birthday greeting cards! Debbie V outdid herself with darling gifts and thoughtful ones!  I left part of them at work, so once I have the collection, I promise to snap photos.

It was a tiring day for this sicky so my sister picked me up about a 3:15.  I got home, put on my pjs and feel asleep on the couch! Yes! Sleep!

Mom is coming back home Wednesday from S.C.
Jasmine is doing well driving momma's car to work and back.
Casey is coming home next week.

Feet of Innocence
Tomorrow is another day of renewed strength .... little by little.


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