Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday ~ Day of Rest

First day in a week I have my street clothes on.  No, I don't run around the house naked ... just been wearing my 100% cotton pjs!  But you knew that.

Finally felt able to get all my bills taken care of and feel less frantic that I have forgotten to pay something.  Even though the paycheck is 60% disability, we are managing just fine.

Late last night, I reactivated my facebook account.  It's been a year and two months since being on it and there has been some changes to get use to.  Amazing that it kept all my photos and notes from  before.  Well, that's good because Lord knows I have a lot!

Decided to play with the camera a bit.

Spent some time reading on the front porch


Maximum Ride ~ James Patterson

The lilac bush is starting to bloom! Oh, it smells sweet and heavenly

The flower basket that Christie gave us is still doing well

The neighbor's tree is the first to bloom in early spring.  It's blossoms are just about gone now, but I captured it while in its full beauty.

Here I am in all "my glory"

Well, at least with a pretty pre-tied scarf

We went to dinner today with Dad & Marge.  First time out of the house in a week. Ahhhh ~  The sun was shining and the warmth felt good.

Yes, I think I'm ready for tomorrow.  Whatever it may bring ~


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