Sunday, July 22, 2012

Today is for Family

Today is Sunday .... totally lost all of Saturday.  I'm impatient to get back on track, but my body is telling me otherwise.  We had planned for some time to go see the hot air balloons on Saturday with our friends.  I felt bad to cancel :(  Megan, we are going to the next one for sure!!!

I had a stupid mini meltdown in between my sleep because I kept thinking that everyone is going to expect me to be up and adam with energy.  Hubby reminded me that I had chemo Friday and to give myself a break.  Plus, I work full time and make up my hours that I miss for treatments and doctor appointments. 

Friday's chemo went smoothly.  Nurse Karen gave me a toasty blanket and I leaned back with the pillow and took advantage of the peace.  I then asked for another one .... they feel so good warm from the oven.  It's mighty hot outside, but the air conditioner in the room was blasting.  Fall is my most favorite season.

So, today is a new day ~ I'm looking forward to seeing family and to give my cousin bunches of love to take with her as her unit is being deployed.  Prayers to Laurielle ~


  1. Carol,

    Turning the “BIG C” into a “little c” is a work in progress, one that never seems to end.

    Don’t be too impatient for not returning to normal right away. Your body is searching to find a new normal. It might be better in some ways and worse in others but will be different from whatever was before.

    The after effects from your radiation/chemo may linger but trust that the pep will come back into your step, your spirit will return and you’ll rejoice at the new emerging you.

    Now get to work on that “want to” list.



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