Sunday, August 12, 2012

What do you see out your back yard?

Looking out the backyard at Casey's place
Saturday morning ~ It's a new day.

Matt and I made it to the airport in plenty of time to get our tickets and go through security.  This was the first time flying in many, many years which means the first time ever of going through security.  A bit confusing, but we managed.  I was taken aside and searched as something in my waistline caused them to question me.  I just had regular jeans on and no belt.  Not sure what they saw, but I was let go to continue through.  I didn't know if my port would set it off (but it is plastic), not sure if the titanium from the biopsy would set it off, but trust me, my sistas aren't down to my waist.  Other than that, was the tats received from radiation.  Oh well, whatever it was, I wonder if it will happen on the trip home.

We flew into Denver by 5:20pm, which was 2 hours earlier than back home.  As we maneuvered through the city and got on the main road to Casey's home, we decided to stop off and get a bite to eat.  It was a wonderful place called DW 285 Diner and our waitress was very friendly and nice.

Bellies full, nice and relaxed, I took the back seat and Matt took the front passenger seat,  while Casey navigated through the mountains.  It was getting dark and the rains began, along with the fog rolling in.  Thankfully, I was laying down or I would have been a nuisance to the driver (and co-pilot).  We pulled in a little before 10pm, which as midnight to us. 

Casey is living in a beautiful home with the homeowner, Clara.  We have been enjoying Clara's little cat, Michipoo, and the hospitality.  Michipoo looks like our Star and Bailey. 

After a nice, quiet night of rest, we got up this morning with enthusiasm to see the sights.  First stop, the local grocery store.  Back home to drop off the food and yes, I took a mini nap.

I didn't want to sleep my vacation away .... once I got up, Casey took us around town and then on the outskirts of town where I got several photos of boulders, mountains and terrain.  After that, we parked in the center of town to enjoy the activities of a festival with vendor booths, and carnival food.  

And that is where we met Chris.  I very nice guy that Casey has been hanging around with.  Funnel cakes and good conversation!

It is 10:45 here (my body is saying 12:40). I'm missing some items of today, but feeling tired. 

Lights out! Church tomorrow ~


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