Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Echo & Bone Density Tests

Early Monday morning, I arrived for my echo.  This is done to monitor my heart while on Herceptin.  (search Herceptin for other posts).  The technician was the same one I had in May and we picked up where we left off....she seemed to remember me from last time.  And I remember her and asked for updates in specific areas of her life.

After I left, I gave her a hope bracelet to wear ~

Then, I made my way downstairs for the bone density tests.  That was VERY easy compared to everything I have been through! 

I didn't have to take my clothes off ~

Chris was right in that you should use the same machine that you start with for future bone density tests.  They are unable to load data from one machine to a different machine and therefore, cannot compare the info.  (I think I got that right)

My doctor should receive my results for both tests in about 48 hours.
I don't anticipate any negative results.

I'll keep you posted.


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