Monday, May 7, 2012

Clinical Trial ~ Yes or No

Today was my follow-up with Doc Esther after my 6th & last chemo session.  She liked my numbers! Took me off of coumadin!!! And said that the welts I have from the chemo will begin to fade in about two weeks.  Also, she said my hair will begin to grow.  I've just about lost both eyebrows and I'm doing a lousy job drawing them in.  Not like my post Express Yourself

She also wanted to talk to me about a clinical trial to consider.  At first, I was all about helping other women by participating in research.  My grandpa did and my dad did..... but, I'm confused at all the language.  I have a few days to research, ask questions and then give them an answer.  Plus, I will need to be sure that I do qualify with some more testing.  Then I read about clinical trials and insurance.  Will this be covered?  That will be a BIG factor.

Any feedback would be appreciated

Next on the treatment schedule: daily radiation

Next visit to my chemo oncologist: August!

Side note: I asked Doc if I had aggressive cancer.  She said that because I tested positive on the 3 protein tests, that they had to "throw the book at me".  Hmmmm .... What are my chances of getting it again?  She said "we are going to make sure it doesn't come back again". 

I know there are no guarantees in life

But I do have faith.  I do have a positive outlook.  And I know this Doc knows her stuff.  So, even if that day should ever come, I pray I handle it with grace.


  1. I tried to make my way as best I could through the trial information.

    Would participation in the clinical trial change the treatment plan that Dr. Esther has set out for you?

    If it is the same treatment you would have had anyway? If so, then your insurance should pay for it because its not above and beyond what your doctor has ordered. If not, then the clinical trial may pay for it as they often do pay for things not covered.

    From my own thoughts, I think clinical trials are important as much is learned from each participant. I would try to find out more from Dr. Esther, like if there is any additional time committement or financial burden.

    1. Absolutely! I plan to make an informed decision and will be talking with my insurance company, 2 doctors and the administrator who knows the clinicial trial inside out. They did say that "it was not substandard" to the treatment I would receive anyway. Regardless, I was told that Radiation was a must.

    2. My friend Julie has been in a clinical trial for a couple of years for Berger's Disease. She has to drive from Ashland to Youngstown every morning for treatment 5 days a week but the benefits have been well worth it for her. She has to travel because that is where the equipment is, but I think you can get the high dose radiation locally right?

      Keep us posted on what you learn!

      Love ya!


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